Sunday, October 20, 2013

Head Canon

What is Head Canon?
 It's when a writer writes the canon in their head and it one way, but when they actually put it on paper it looks like something entirely different.

I have done this a lot. One or two prime example that come to mind are from my old fan-fictions (they were RPFs, so I won't be mentioning names).

Fiction 1:
I. Head-canon: The heroine was really fun and likable, but her life was crumbling before her and that made her tragic.
Real canon: The heroine was wangsty and annoying and possibly had bipolar disorder.
II. Head canon: The hero was a real romantic.The heroine was one of the few most important things to him.
Real canon: He was insecure buzz-kill, douche-canoe, whose entire life and personality a revolved around one (bi-polar) piece of ass.
III. Head-caonon: The beta couple were foils to the alpha couple because they weren't into all these "romantic crap", but they were totally cool and in-sync.
Real canon: The girl was basically the rule 63 version of the guy.

Fiction 2 (this one, more recent - about 2 years ago):
I.Head-canon: The guy was persistent and chasing after someone who excited him. He was a grim-realist. This made him reliable and romantic.
Real-canon: He was creepy, rape-y and cynical.
II. Head-canon: The best friend-cousin was in-the-clouds, spoiled but likable for her innocence, naivety and good-heartedness.
Real Canon: She was annoying and acted more like a 14-year old then an 18-year-old.
III. Head-canon: The heroine was tough and a grim-realist, but down-to-earth. She's had a tough life and just didn't want to repeat her mother's mistakes. She has issues with emotional vulnerability but she can love.
Real-canon; She acts more like a cynical 30-year old, who's longer relationship was 2 months, then a 21-year old with at least one really serious relationship (over a year). Also she was a cold, heartless bitch.

Have in mind head canon, can not only happen to characters, but also to storylines, dialogue, inner monologue, scenes... pretty much anything.

For instance recently I wrote this sex scene and in my head it was incredibly hot, but when I re-read it sometime later, I was like: "meh!"

How To Avoid Head-Canon:
Beta readers - trust me, they are the best thing that can happen to your fiction.
You can ask them questions too. Not only for stuff you want them to pay a particular attention to, but other stuff as well. Like if you ask them "Do you think this character/scene/dialogue etc. is A or B?" and when they say they thought it was "C", than you know you are in trouble.

The Host: Chaper by Chapter Deconstructions

So, dear imaginary readers, I have decided to read the Host.

Let me elaborate: I have heard a lot of controversy surrounding the Host. People who said they loved it, people who said they hated it and most importantly: people who said that they hated Twilight, but loved the Host.

What? Something by Stephenie Meyer that may actually be good?

I  questioned the existence of such miracle for a while, but it seemed to be going around. So after years of avoiding Smeyer like the plague and unsuccessful movie (which is pity, but for other reasons. To understand those I will refer you to this video.) I have decided to form an opinion of the Host all on my own by  detaching myself from the world of Goodreads reviews and doing my own reading.

And since it is Stephanie Meyer, who is a popular author  and I am looking for something to crap all over (in dept!) I have chosen the Host.

And yes, I am preconditioned to believe that The Host is crap. I mean it came from the same woman who wrote Twilight in all of her seriousness. I just can't imagine it being good, sorry.