Thursday, June 13, 2013

Romanticizing psychos: Heathcliff and Christian Grey

Ok, so this post is going to be short because:
1. I haven't done a through research on the topic
2. I don't want to ramble on, because I know, you won't read it, you spoiled skimming (imaginary) bastards

Here's the thing (again #1), I've come to notice here and there that say some people tend to misunderstand the character of Heathcliff, so let me clarify  for you: Heathcliff is a fucking sociopath. He scored 25 on this test.

Christian Grey would score somewhere around 27 (I am too lazy to do it again), only I'd call him a psychopath, not a sociopath. 

Now, because I don't know if this site makes the difference between the two terms, I will do it for you. The most simple explanation is: The psychopath is someone, who simply doesn't know or understand the difference between wrong and right (or good and evil, if you will). The sociopath does, but doesn't care.

I will not go into detail why I consider one a psychopath and the other a sociopath, the point is: they are both mentally ill and only have one (possibly) redeeming quality: the love for the heroine (Catherine/Ana).

But here's the difference (and the problem), while Heathcliff was meant to be like that; he was meant to be a thoroughly unlikable anti-hero, Christian's abusive, psycho tendencies are romanticized..

No, fuck this shit!  

Why? Women, why do you want a guys like that? Stop! Now! Just... no.

*Now, this doesn't mean he's a mass murderer, it just means he has an actual mental disorder.