Saturday, December 28, 2013

Love Actually Short Review

My rating: ♥ (6♥s)

Love Actually is one of these movies that do not belong in the pile of forgettable crap only because of the amount of heart put into it; as well as the performances by its amazing cast, who really do quite well.

However it is not enough to completely save it. For a romantic comedy, it is really light on the comedy (there are maybe 10 scenes overall that made me smile a bit and  3-4 that gave me a chuckle) and no, it's not just 'It's British comedy' - I usually get British comedy and I find it quite funny, this just... did not have enough.

My biggest issue with the film, however is the following: For a 135 minute running time (which is also too long, by the way) the movie has way too many  story lines  and cannot fully develop its characters. Some of them may have a personality quirk or a personality trait, but not really a personality. Out of the 9 or 10 stories (yeah, you read that right) at least half could've easily been cut as they were not that important and not that linked to anything else.

As far as the 'interlinked' motif of the film (this was the movie that introduced me to that idea and I've always loved such type of stories) it's barely there. Some of the characters are connected in a way, like the woman who is married to Alan Rickman is the sister os the prime minister, but mostly there is just a very feeble connection that's been stuck there at the end, if at all.

I watched Love Actually when I was a child for the first time (most of it anyway), but I didn't really like it, because I was too young for it. I watched it again on the 24th, and frankly I was right back then. While it has a lot of heart and it is an ok Christmas movie, it's not really that great. If you happen upon it around the holidays on TV, don't change the channel, but don't rent it or spend any money on it.

Happy New Year from me.