Thursday, October 8, 2015

This blog.

Hello, Everyone.

First off, I would like to say that if you haven't seen me post anything on this blog for years, it's because I haven't even logged in here for a long, long time. Actually, if you take a look at my posts, you'll see I don't have that many. I will also not continue to use this blog in the future. I have no idea why it's still up.

I still get emails from here though and I am surprised there are people who actually see my posts and even comment on them. It might be because of Jenny Trout who is an absolutely lovely and talented person (though I admit haven't kept up with her work for quite a while.)

However, the good news are, that I haven't completely disappeared of the face of the internet and I don't plan to do so anytime soon, either.

So  if you are interested in my posts, particularly my critical analyisis, I will appreciated check out my livejournal. All of the posts from here are copied over there as well (and tagged accordingly) and anonymous commenting is allowed. I also have a Twitter and Tumblr that I am a lot more regular on and while I do ocbassiobanaly post about sporking on there, they are primarily One Direction/Larry Stylinson oriented. I am saying this so you chose if you want to follow on there. (There will be a lot of "husbands" and "what are they doing, I am dying!" posts on your timeline/dash.)

Thank you for the attention. I hope you enjoy. =)